Sperado Co.
is one of excellent engineering manufactures in the field of Security Industry in Korea ,China & Taiwan Our services cover high-tech R&D and related designs, engineering and manufacture, distribution and exportation of various digital security camera products, storage solutions and relevant auto applications in either ways of digital or analogues from the beginning. we have been active exporting our edge-cut technology output in global markets and now our state-of-the-art products are well-known.

We at Sperado Co. invite all our Clients with the long reliable products of high resolution, high-function capacity and unique models that represent our heart-felt expertise in every respect to customers’ satisfaction.
We, as a leading company continue to seek force to innovate the Products while embracing the humane morals and traditions so that any hardships perhaps ahead in the future on global competition would secure the Company to benefit our clients.

We foresee the future of Sperado Co. as a world top security firm continuous high-tech researches and products innovation services for clients’ from global markets with well breathing entrepreneurships. These are the general ideas on our future resolutions. We are always keen on interests of our clients and yielding high standards to lead the security industries.

We like to enjoy what we do with our partners who join in and out of our activities, and saying that we do help creating a better life together with you for next generations.

Please, advise us of your any interests in any respects you may require.
We look forward to a long Mutual friendship with you. We remain,

Sperado Co.