EX-SDI Camera

EX-SDI opens new opportinities thanks to the considerable increase of flow rates for HD signal with the coaxial cable.

HD solutions allow you to use the common coaxial cable for Full-HD digital video. Megapixel resolution in real time without having to replace existing cables and without having knowledge on the operation of networks: what more could you want? There is however a brake: transmission distance and range of coaxial cable RG59 are limited. Generally, with common coaxial cable maximum transmission distance for the HD digital signal only goes up to 100 meters. An obstacle that EX-SDI technology (Extended Serial Digital Interface) exceeds effortlessly, ensuring a range up to five times higher.

Cameras with EX-SDI technology can transmit HD digital video images via coaxial cable without latency and with excellent live. The two technologies enable then to move to HD video so convenient: you can keep the existing cables, replacing only the analog camera and recorder. With normal RG59, EX-SDI signal has up to three times higher than normal HD signal.

Our cameras are able to handle the double technology EX-SDI and HD-SDI. Users can simply select the desired signal on the output of the camera using OSD’s joystick , choosing from the classic HD via coaxial cable or the new EX-SDI technology ‘extended Version’, which allows a range up to 500 meters and offering to installers and users even more possibilities. In addition, the compatibility of the two video technologies with the various manufacturers guarantees maximum flexibility in the choice of products.