Sperado CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for casinos

Sperado has planned the biggest real-time IP systems in casinos worldwide. Furthermore, it benefits from the long years of experience and competence of our CCTV/IP casino experts!

Sperado is offering complete solutions. It provides higher picture quality and greater functionality than systems using individual products . Sperado ,a special camera that is specifically developed software and able to provide quick and optimal adjustment to the different scenarios in a casino.

The network forms the base of a CCTV/IP video surveillance system, as it acts as an important interface between the operator and the system. Modern networks offer sufficient reserves for all important operations in a casino. With appropriate redundancies the highest availability of neuralgic locations can be achieved and the whole network can be easily monitored thanks to sophisticated management operations. When configured appropriately, shortages such as an overloaded network can be detected and eliminated at an early stage.