Sperado CCTV/IP video surveillance solutions for hospitals

Health is the most precious profession. As, health care professionals have to deal with range variety of issues. Facing theft, disputes over possible malpractice or even the kidnapping of infants are some of the things that they may encounter. CCTV/IP video surveillance systems by Sperado are being in order to prevent against recurrences of these crimes or at least enable a swift and cost effective solution.

High-resolution surveillance cameras keep an eye on every corner and ensure that no unauthorized person enters the compound. Preventing of stealing clinic and patients’ properties which causes financial losses for the hospital is one of the objectives of surveillance cameras. Since there are cases of children being kidnapped from newborn infants , many hospitals employ video surveillance systems.
Data protection during surgeries is another aspect of using surveillance cameras. Any such disputes can be resolved quickly and conclusively thanks to advanced video surveillance. Hence, this way can detect malpractice and failed surgeries.