Sperado CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions in retailing

A modern CCTV surveillance system are indispensible in different applications in retailing. CCTV surveillance is used to prevent theft in shops and stores, to provide evidence of robberies and break-ins and to uncover employee fraud or deception.

CCTV surveillance keeps an eye on everything

High visible installation using high resolution color camera with activity-related digital recording is considerable for retail solution. It will deter many culprits before trying to do anything. Sperado IP cameras are especially useful in keeping an eye on secluded area.

Furthermore, it can be used in other aspects such as analysing customer behaviour, improving staff management and shop layouts, avoiding staff/customer collusion in theft and deception, checking the accuracy of deliveries or, if a customer has an accident, resolving liability claims rapidly.

Having a wide range of recording modes and hard disc capacity are the merits of  Sperado recorders. Furthermore, the data can be exported easily and authenticity of the pictures can be proved.